Who is CJ Huntzinger

CJ Huntzinger is a senior at the University of Oregon earning a degree in Public Relations. He has an interest in the music industry and currently has an internship with OneEleven, a Eugene based event company as their Media Relations Coordinator. In addition to this internship, CJ works for the University of Oregon’s EMU event services as an event team member. When finding free time in-between work and school, CJ produces music on his computer. CJ hopes to do public relations for an event/concert company, or managing a touring band/artist.

I am CJ Huntzinger, and I currently am a journalism student at the University of Oregon, receiving a degree in public relations. I work for the university’s EMU Event Services, which is the University’s on campus event company. In addition to this on-campus job, I am the “Media Relations Coordinator” for OneEleven, a Eugene based event company. I enjoy both of these positions because they keep me connected with both the university community, in addition to the Eugene music scene. When I am not working or doing academics, I love to produce music in Logic Pro Studio 9.


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