Introductory Post

CJ Huntzinger

CJ Huntzinger

This blog, run by CJ Huntzinger, is aiming to take a deeper look at PR in the music industry. I seek to obtain an extensive knowledgebase base  regarding the PR field in the music industry. Topics in this blog will vary from music jobs outside of LA, to upcoming music companies (PR, Events, Artist Management), to the history of PR in the music industry.  I want my blog to represent the latest changes in the music industry, in addition to an overarching scope of how the public relations market functions. This blog will be my tool to not only educate myself, but to also improve on my writing skills. The goal of this blog is to research on the current state of PR, and how it will affect my job search. I hope to expand on the connections and resources that I will discover in order to boost my reputation and find a job opportunity. I hope to make this blog not only interesting from a written content standpoint, but also from a visual standpoint. We are in a visual age where images carry more weight and interest than your average text post.

As an example of something I may cover is this: how PR people can use Soundcloud to their advantage
Soundcloud PR 


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